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This Error event is part of Automation Workshop Service events.

Event ID · 2507

"Failed to open file"


The error indicates that Automation Workshop Service can not open indicated file which is either Task file or log file. As a consequence either Task or log is not loaded and can not be used by Automation Workshop.


Possible cause for inability of Automation Workshop to load file is that file no longer exists with the name Automation Workshop is trying to locate based on its configuration or that current Windows account is not granted permission to read files in necessary folder.


Verify if the user account that executes Automation Workshop has necessary privileges to read files in Task (default: C:\ProgramData\Febooti Software\Febooti Automation Workshop\Task Files\) or Log folder (default: C:\ProgramData\Febooti Software\Febooti Automation Workshop\Log Files\).

If necessary, login with administrator account to set appropriate permissions. To set permissions, open Security tab in folder C:\ProgramData\Febooti Software\Febooti Automation Workshop\ properties, choose user account on which Automation Workshop is executed and mark necessary checkboxes.

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