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This Info event is part of Automation Workshop Service events.

Event ID · 2040

"User logged into computer"


The info message shows that the indicated user has logged into the system. Automation Workshop automatically monitors user logins in order to detect whether there is a user currently logged in.

Since the user account and Run As conditions from which the Task is executed is specified separately for situations where some user is logged into the system and the cases when no user is currently logged in, this is a necessary precondition for Automation Workshop to decide which user accounts are to be used when running different Tasks.

Event examples

See some examples of the User logged into computer event messages:

  • User "John" logged into computer.
  • User "db02.local\admin" logged into computer.


On some configurations of older Windows versions it may happen that after the system restart it is shown that the user is logged into the system, then logged out and immediately logged back in. The reason lies in the specifics of Fast User Switching implementation on these Microsoft Windows versions.

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