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Event icon · info

This Info Event is part of Wait for Service Events.

Event ID · 406000

"Waiting for Service condition"


The info message Waiting for Service indicates that this step has paused the workflow and is actively waiting for a service or driver state transition.

Event examples

See some examples of the Waiting for Service Event messages:

  • Task "Init After Reboot" Action "Wait for Service" waiting for "SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER)" is running.
  • Action "Wait for Service" waiting for "SQL Server Agent (MSSQLSERVER)" is not running.
  • Waiting for "SQL Server Browser" is paused.
  • Waiting for "SQL Server VSS Writer" is not paused.
  • Waiting for "SQL Server CEIP service (MSSQLSERVER)" is stopped.
  • Waiting for "RPC Endpoint Mapper" is not stopped.
  • Waiting for "Windows Defender Firewall" is disabled.
  • Waiting for "SQL Server Active directory helper" is installed.
  • Waiting for "SQL Backup Agent" is not installed.

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