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Event icon · error

This Error Event is part of Upload File Events.

Event ID · 330400

"Could not upload file"


The error message indicates that Upload File Action failed to upload one or more files to the remote server.


Make sure that provided access credentials have appropriate write permissions to the specified remote directory.

Event examples

See some examples of the Could not upload file Event messages:

  • File or folder "D:\invoice\new.docx" does not exist. The system cannot find the file specified. [os:2; aw:17]
  • Problem with "D:\data\files\secure\docu.pdf". Server failed to fulfill the request. The system cannot open the file. [os:4; aw:17]
  • Problem with "E:\sync\s3\file.txt". Specify target bucket. [aw:17]
  • Error transferring file "\\CRM03.local\share\summary.txt". The specified bucket does not exist. Extra Details: BucketName: feb-aw-test-bucket.feb-aw-test-bucket, RequestId: 6C85A57DB6A27B9A, HostId: 9/1DTrqqwBfj4xAV9Ao/Z1PbKwpbqom/GdEweSZ7RAU9zeMbqIXW0U+v4buGU3v…
  • Error transferring file "\\db.lan\share\export\db20240418.log". InvalidBucketNameTooShort.
  • Error transferring file "D:\web\reports\summary.txt". 403 Forbidden.
  • Error transferring file "D:\web\reports\uploads.txt". 409 Conflict.
  • Error transferring file "X:\data\backup202404.zip". Authentication failed. Could not authenticate to server: ignored Negotiate challenge, ignored NTLM challenge, rejected Basic challenge.


If Upload File fails with Lost connection. Disconnected from server error message, check stateful FTP firewall settings for a simple solution.

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