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Event icon · warning

This Warning Event is part of Text to Speech Events.

Event ID · 87200

"Voice not found"


The warning indicates that the Text to Speech Action was unable to use the specified Voice. The selected voice is not available on this machine. As this is not a critical failure, the TTS engine will try to proceed with a Default voice option.

Cause & Solution

The selected voice may have been uninstalled. Or after moving a Task to another machine, not all voices may be available.

To add a missing voice, open Windows Speech settings. Under Manage voices section, use Add voices button. The new voice will download and be ready for use in a few minutes. After the voice package is added, system reboot is required · see supported languages and voices.

Event examples

See some examples of the Voice not found Event messages:

  • Voice "Richard" not found.
  • Voice "Guillaume" not found.
  • Voice "Pablo" not found.

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