Command line interface of the Service

Command line reference provides information on how to control Automation Workshop service using command line options. Service is the core component of the software that runs in memory, contains Triggering conditions and executes all Actions as well as performs all other automation activities. Being invisible itself, service is thoroughly interconnected with and accessible from graphical user interface.

Command line support includes options for starting, stopping, restarting the service, as well as running it as console application, installing or removing it from Windows service list.

To get help, enter the following command into the command prompt:


The following information is displayed:

Febooti Automation Workshop v3.2.0 service.
Usage: AutomationWorkshopService.exe -option


  -start         Start service.
  -stop          Stop service.
  -restart       Restart service.

  -console       Run as console application.

  -install       Add service to Windows services.
  -uninstall     Remove service from Windows services.
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