Start program / application Action

Specify program / application path and file name, necessary switches, and the folder in which it will be executed. Start program / application Action works the same way as if program parameter in conjunction with argument parameter were typed into Run dialogue (accessible from Start Menu).

Program propertiesDetails
ProgramSpecify program / application by providing path and file name of Windows executable.
ArgumentsSpecify arguments that will be passed to application upon its execution.
Start in folderProvide a disk location / path in which the specified application will be executed.
Start menuStart menuUse the Start menu button to choose the necessary application directly from Windows Start menu. Both Argument and Start in folder parameters are also automatically filled with values of selected Start menu item.
BrowseBrowseUse Browse button to specify particular file or folder on disk, on LAN (local area network) shares, etc.
Variable WizardVariable WizardUse Variable Wizard button to specify more advanced input, such as, taking parameters from file, associated Trigger or other Action.
Start program / application Action Program properties
Additional notes:
  • If long filenames are used as arguments, put each of them into double quotes, e.g. "long file name.txt".
  • Long file name usage - explains the necessity to delimit long file names using double quote characters.
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