Registering FAQ

Registration FAQ covers the most common questions related to product registration issues.

  • Q: Where is my product key?
  • A: After finishing online order, an email will be sent to your specified email address. All the registration information, including product key, will be inside. If there are any problems, please contact our sales team.
  • Q: I have received my product key. How to register?
  • A: Use the following registration steps:
    • Automation Workshop · Order now!
      Select Enter Product Key from Help menu and enter registration information.
    • Command line email · Order now!
      Select Register from Start menu, and enter registration information.
  • Q: If I purchase a software product from your web site, will I receive the program on a disk?
  • A: By default, all our products are sold as an ESD (Electronic Software Distribution) and can be downloaded from the Internet only.
  • Q: I have the trial version of Febooti product installed. Do I need to reinstall it when I purchase the full version of the product?
  • A: No. You don't need to reinstall the product. You may continue to use already installed product. To get a fully functioning version, all that is required is to enter valid registration information.
  • Q: I have other question not covered here. What to do?
  • A: Please contact our support team.
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