Email message priority settings

It is possible to assign a priority to the mail message. The priority is only meaningful to you and your recipients. It does not affect the way mail transport systems handle the messages. New messages are created with a Normal priority by default.

A high priority message usually is highlighted, using an exclamation point next to it, uses different color, etc.

Example of sending email message with a HIGH priority:

C:\>febootimail -FROM -TO -SUBJ Urgent mail -TEXT Sending important email message -PRIORITY HIGH

Note! In the example above, localhost is used as SMTP mail server. Usually, it is required to specify SMTP server manually using SMTP parameter. Server authentication is performed with AUTH, USER and PASS parameters. Example with authentication:

C:\>febootimail -FROM -TO -SUBJ "Example with authentication" -TEXT "Sending very important email message!" -SMTP -AUTH AUTO -USER john -PASS **** -PRIORITY HIGHEST

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