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Event icon · info

This Info Event is part of WebDAV Watcher Events.

Event ID · 23010

"WebDAV Watcher activity"


The info message indicates exactly what file operations the WebDAV Watcher Trigger is performing and which directory it is monitoring. During polling cycle, the summary of scanned files is shown.

Event examples

See some examples of the WebDAV Watcher activity Event messages:

  • WebDAV Watcher status: monitoring directory "/web/u/" for new files.
  • Monitoring directory "/mnt/do/2024/" for new and existing IMG files.
  • Monitoring directory "/usr/arc/06/" for modified "db????.zip" files.
  • Monitoring directory "/mnt/share/files/" for deleted files.
  • Monitoring directory "/mnt/files/share/" for at least 100 files.
  • Monitoring directory "/inv/docs/2024/" for new directories.
  • Monitoring directory "/usr/db/orders/2024/06/" for files larger than 20,000,000 bytes.
  • WebDAV Watcher status: 117 files scanned.
  • WebDAV Watcher status: disconnecting…


Due to flexibility of WebDAV Watcher, there exist many possible types of triggering events. The list of provided examples is not exhaustive.

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