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This Info Event is part of Synchronize Folders Events.

Event ID · 78002

"Syncing status"


The info message indicates that the Synchronize Folders Action is syncing a particular file or folder. Note that the Synchronize Folders Action can propagate file and folder changes from the source folder to the destination (push), from the destination folder to the source (pull), or both directions (bidirectional synchronization or two-way).

During the file syncing process, a complete sequence of file and folder events is created. Set the log level to Log Everything, to write Events in the main or additional log file.

Event examples

See some examples of the Syncing status Event messages:

  • Task "Sync" Action "Synchronize Folders" syncing "C:\Invoices\" started.
  • Analyzed 753 files and 13 folders.
  • Analyzed 2,135 files and 47 folders.
  • Prepared 97 files and 2 folders for removal.
  • Removing "C:\Invoices\Prepare\Temp\" folder.
  • Deleting "C:\Invoices\Prepare\dump.csv" file.
  • Prepared 2 items in "C:\Invoices\New\" to sync.
  • Creating "\\NAS.local\Share\Backup\2024\Exp\" folder.
  • Syncing file "C:\Invoices\New\i0137.pdf" to "\\NAS.local\Share\Backup\2024\New\i0137.pdf".
  • Prepared 3 items in "C:\Invoices\Done\" to sync.
  • Creating "\\NAS.local\Share\Backup\2024\Done\Remaining\" empty folder.
  • Syncing file "C:\Invoices\Done\Summary-240719.csv" to "\\NAS.local\Share\Backup\2024\Done\Summary-240719.csv".
  • Syncing file "C:\Invoices\Done\Summary-240719.csv.sha512sum" to "\\NAS.local\Share\Backup\2024\Done\Summary-240719.csv.sha512sum".
  • Synced 104 of 2,135 files.
  • Everything is already in sync.
  • Task "Sync" Action "Synchronize Folders" between "C:\Invoices\" and "\\NAS.local\Share\Backup\2024\" completed.


You can exclude one or multiple file types from syncing, by using multi-mask wildcards. It is possible to include or exclude files based on simple or complex date ranges.

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