Custom connection settings

To fine-tune some specific settings of FTP & Cloud connection Actions, it is possible to set custom options:

DebugLogPath To log every aspect of connection session, provide path to log folder. Each connection session creates 2 files—one for client-server requests, and other for debug & support purposes. Syntax example:
C:\Debug\My files\logs\
AutoReconnectCount Set the number of times Automation Workshop tries to restore broken connection to the remote server, without causing Task to fail. Default value is 3.
TimeDifferenceMinutes Set remote server time adjustment against UTC time in minutes.
TimeDifferenceHours Time adjustment against UTC time in hours. Use only one of available time adjustment options (either hours or minutes).

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  • To disable auto-reconnect, use AutoReconnectCount 0 setting.
  • Time difference options are ignored by most SFTP, Amazon S3 and WebDAV servers. They already report all timestamps in UTC.


  • Local PC time is 10:42AM
  • UTC time is 07:42AM
  • FTP server reports incorrect time 03:42AM
  • We set TimeDifferenceHours to 4, so FTP server now reports correct UTC time 07:42AM as it was located in GMT timezone

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