Automation Workshop is ready for Windows 8

Two months ahead of Windows 8 official release, Febooti Software announces that Automation Workshop, its business process automation software, is Windows 8 ready. The software product has successfully completed comprehensive series of tests to ensure maximum compatibility with the upcoming Microsoft's operating system.

Automation Workshop is ready for Windows 8.
August 23, 2012.

August 23, 2012 -- Two months ahead of Windows 8 official release, Febooti Software announces that Automation Workshop is Windows 8 ready. Tested for compatibility since Windows 8 Beta (Consumer Preview) version, the software is prepared for shipping only a week after Windows 8 RTM has become available to software industry professionals.

In order to ensure the capabilities of Automation Workshop to perform flawlessly on Microsoft Windows 8, Febooti Software has been performing wide variety of tests designed to reveal even the most minute inconsistencies related to the changes in operating system's architecture or its particular implementation.

"Our programming team has been very busy testing each and every feature of Automation Workshop in numerous simulated and real-world scenarios. Partial automation of the testing procedures has allowed us to cover literally thousands and thousands of test cases to gain confidence that our software is ready for Windows 8," said Maris Bormanis, lead developer and co-founder of Febooti Software.

Besides ensuring Automation Workshop's exceptional performance on newly installed Windows 8, Febooti Software takes significant measures to provide consistent functionality of its automation solution in all current and future Windows versions including Windows Server 2012.

"Automation Workshop is designed and optimized as an business process automation solution for x86 and x64 platforms," said Harijs Rozukalns, co-founder of the company. "Not all of Windows 8 editions will be supported, we are not planning Windows RT (ARM) version of Automation Workshop. However, we are already completing the work on making the software compatible with Windows Server 2012 scheduled for release in September."

On Automation Workshop:
Automation Workshop is a business process automation software for Microsoft Windows operating systems 32 and 64-bit versions. It has been relieving users of repetitive tasks and integrating existing infrastructure for a steadily growing customer base since 2008.

Pricing and Availability:
Automation Workshop prices start at $249 for business users. Volume licensing discounts are also available. Home users get a special price of $129.

A fully functional free trial version is available from the Febooti Software website without a preliminary subscription. Automation Workshop can be downloaded from Febooti download page and purchased either directly from or from major software resellers.

System requirements:
Automation Workshop works on Microsoft Windows 32 and 64-bit versions.

About Febooti Software:
Febooti Software is a privately held company, based in Latvia, Europe. Evolved around the compact core of skilled IT professionals with more than 20 years of experience in software production, for the last ten years Febooti Software specializes in automation solutions for Microsoft Windows operating systems. Febooti Software currently offers Automation Workshop as its leading business process automation software.

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