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Febooti, Ltd. is a privately held company, based in Europe. In more than 20 years in software development field, the Febooti team has introduced productivity utilities and its flagship product—Automation Workshop.

Working with Microsoft Technologies poses many challenges, and software automation is one of them. By weaving together aesthetically pleasing interface and under-the-hood technological sophistication, Febooti is evolving to deliver even more innovative automation software solutions.

In the news…

  • August 23, 2012.
    Febooti, Ltd. announces that Automation Workshop is ready for Windows 8.
    Two months ahead of Windows 8 official release, Febooti, Ltd. announces that Automation Workshop, its business process automation software, is Windows 8 ready. The software product has successfully completed comprehensive series of tests to ensure maximum compatibility with the upcoming Microsoft's operating system · Read on
  • February 22, 2012.
    Automation Workshop Surpasses 100,000 Downloads.
    Febooti, Ltd., an expert in automation software solutions, announces significant strides in its history. Its leading Windows automation software product, Automation Workshop, today has surpassed 100,000 downloads. A steady growth of demand for the application has allowed Febooti, Ltd. to take a solid position in the international market of business process automation software · Read on
  • July 6, 2011.
    Febooti, Ltd. Releases Automation Workshop 1.0, a New Business Process Automation Solution.
    After five years of R&D and three years of close cooperation with a growing customer base, Febooti, Ltd. has released version 1.0 of Automation Workshop, a business process automation solution for Microsoft Windows, reaching a fundamental milestone in its functionality, reliability and customer services · Read on
  • November 3, 2008.
    Febooti, Ltd. releases Automation Workshop 0.9—Scriptless business process automation.
    Febooti, Ltd. has released Automation Workshop, a powerful task automation application with rich file and email features. With no coding and scripting required, you can assemble custom tasks by connecting various trigger and action modules · Read on

Automation tools

Currently, Febooti, Ltd. is a well consolidated group of IT professionals that have been into software development even before first PC was widely available. We respect the past, but or view is turned to future!

Febooti Automation Workshop virtual box image
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Automation Workshop
Febooti Command Line Email virtual box image
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Command Line Email

At Febooti, Ltd., we always pay great attention to our product quality. From carefully considering the functionality and user interface to thoroughly testing the end result, each and every step is taken with integrity to provide a reliable experience to our users.


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