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How to add the comment and organization fields to the email? ORGANIZATION or ORG command adds sender's organization to the email. COMMENT argument adds a comment to the email message.


An example of sending an email using the COMMENT argument:

febootimail -FROM john@example.net -TO ryan@example.com -TEXT Email with Comment field -COMMENT This is an email comment


An example of adding an ORGANIZATION to the email:

febootimail -FROM john@example.net -TO ryan@example.com -TEXT "Another mail with an organization field specified" -ORGANIZATION Your company name


In the example above, a localhost is used as an SMTP mail server. Usually, it is required to specify an SMTP server manually using the SMTP argument. Server authentication is performed with the AUTH, USER, and PASS arguments. An example with authentication:

febootimail -FROM john@example.net -TO ryan@example.com -SUBJ Comment and Organization -TEXT Mail message with both Comment and Organization fields! -SMTP mail.example.com -AUTH AUTO -USER john -PASS *********** -COMMENT This is an email comment -ORGANIZATION Your company name

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