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The HELP (or H or ?) command displays the onscreen help on all command line parameters, with a brief explanation about each of them. Help is displayed locally without connecting to the Internet.

Command syntax

  • febootimail -HELP
  • febootimail -H
  • febootimail -?

If the help text does not fit on the screen, it is possible to use it with the more DOS command, which pauses help text output after each help page.

febootimail -HELP | more

Console output

Alternatively, it is possible to save the help to a plain text file by using the redirection operator > (greater than sign).

  • To save console output to a file, add >output.txt at the end of the command line.
  • To append console output to a file, add >>output-append.txt at the end.
febootimail -HELP >email-help.txt

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