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Event icon · warning

This Warning Event is part of Automation Workshop Service Events.

Event ID · 2208

"Startup folder does not exist"


Automation Workshop checks the startup folder at the time of Task execution. The startup folder is used in subsequent Triggers and Actions. If the folder does not exist on the local machine, or in case of network share, the shared path is not available due to network outage, then the warning is logged in the Service log file.

Event examples

See some examples of the Startup folder does not exist Event messages:

  • Task "Monthly Invoices" startup folder "\\ad.local\share\crm\2021" does not exist.
  • Task "Backup" startup folder "X:\Files\" does not exist.


Make sure that the provided startup folder exists, or that the network share is accessible. If the folder or share requires a particular user to be logged on, use the task Run As settings to enter the user credentials.

If you are trying to use a mapped drive to access a shared folder on the network the warning may be shown. It is recommended to use an UNC path or Registry fix, to access the shared folder.

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