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Event icon · error

This Error Event is part of Automation Workshop Manager Events.

Event ID · 1406

"Can not load Task data"


The error indicates that Automation Workshop succeeded to locate and open Task file, however, failed to retrieve Task settings. As a consequence Task data are not loaded and the Task is not active.

A possible cause for the inability of Automation Workshop to load Task data is that Task file is in a non-compatible format. Not every feature is forward compatible, thus it may not be possible to fully load a newer Task file in the older Automation Workshop version.

Event examples

See an example of the Can not load Task data Event message:

  • Can not load Task data. There are multiple root elements. Line 3711, position 2.


Make sure that you are using the latest version of Automation Workshop for the best compatibility and experience. If the Task file was manually edited with other program than Automation Workshop, undo changes.

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