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Event icon · warning

This Warning Event is part of Automation Workshop Manager Events.

Event ID · 1220

"Authentication failed"


The warning indicates that Automation Workshop Manager failed to connect Automation Workshop Service due to problems of authentication. As a consequence Tasks are not manageable and user can not control actual processes.

Event examples

See an example of the Authentication failed Event message:

  • Authentication failed.


Possible cause for inability of Automation Workshop Service to authenticate Automation Workshop user is wrong password.

Also, this warning can be experienced when connecting to a remote machine that has a Password protect Automation Workshop feature enabled. It is not possible to provide a password for remote machines.

However, note that the connection and access to the remote machines is protected with a military grade AES encryption using an access key and additional password is not necessary. Use the Remote Manager to manage network machines.


Enter correct password or, if that is not possible, log in with administrator account and change password in Automation Workshop options.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.