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This Info Event is part of Wait for Remote Directory Events.

Event ID · 348000

"Waiting for remote directory condition"


The info message Waiting for remote directory [condition] indicates that the Wait for Remote Directory Action has paused the Task until the specified directory exists, is absent, or changes its status on the remote server or cloud storage.

When the condition is already met when this Action starts executing, the Task resumes immediately with the next Action.

The [condition] is one of the following options:

  • Exists · the remote directory exists or is just created.
  • Exists and is empty · the remote directory is completely empty.
  • Exists and contains no files · the remote directory exists (or is just created) and its root is free of files, however subdirectories and files within them are allowed.
  • Exists and is not empty · the remote directory contains at least one file or subdirectory.
  • Does not exist · the remote directory is absent or is just removed.

Event examples

See some examples of the Waiting for remote directory Event messages:

  • Task "Generate Invoices" waiting for directory "/ftproot/contracts/2024/07/sent/" to exist.
  • Waiting for directory "/home/user/sales/outbox" to exist and be empty.
  • Waiting for directory "/cloud-bucket/receipts/drafts" to exist with no files.
  • Waiting for directory "/shared-dav/logs/backup/" to exist and not be empty.
  • Waiting for directory "/bucket/work-items/queue/processing" to not exist.

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