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This Error Event is part of Service Maintenance Events.

Event ID · 401400

"Failed on Service maintenance"


The Service Maintenance Action logs the error message Failed on Service maintenance when it encounters an error. Along with this message, additional information and a Windows error code related to the error are also recorded in the service.log file.

Event examples

See some examples of the Failed on Service maintenance Event messages:

  • Task "Provision Apps" Action "Service Maintenance" failed on "C:\MyApps\ClientsAndOrdersService.exe". Access is denied. [os:5; aw:2]
  • Action "Service Maintenance" failed on "Custom Service". The parameter is incorrect. [os:87; aw:6]

Syntax reminder

The Service Maintenance Action may fail with a "syntax" error if no input is provided (an empty string) or some special characters (symbols that are not allowed in service names) are used. See an actual error message:

  • The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect. [os:123]

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