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Event icon · info

This Info Event is part of Service Maintenance Events.

Event ID · 401000

"Action is controlling Service"


The info messages Controlling Service / Installing Service / Uninstalling Service indicates that Automation Workshop is starting one of the maintenance operations on a specified service.

It is expected that following this Event message, an Event with ID 401002 will be recorded in the service log.

Event examples

See some examples of the Controlling Service Event messages:

  • Task "Refresh CRM" Action "Service Maintenance" is controlling "CRMapp Service".
  • Action "Service Maintenance" is installing "InvDB Service".
  • Action is uninstalling "Dump Service".


If a service is running while it is being uninstalled, it is not immediately removed from the Services Control Panel. Instead, it is "marked" for deletion and will be automatically removed when it is stopped.

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