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Choose the source and destination file syncing criteria. It is possible to choose any one or all conditions to synchronize files and folders for your particular scenario.

New files Synchronizes newly created files. The Action will copy a file if the destination folder doesn't have it.
Deleted files Automatically deletes files in the destination folder, if they are removed from the source folder.
  • When pushing, it deletes files in the destination, if they are deleted in the source folder.
  • When pulling, it deletes files from the source folder, if they are deleted in the destination.
  • Not available in two-way (bidirectional) synchronization.
Modified files Copies files when they are changed.
Detect changes by using file date and time File is considered to be modified when its date and time is different.
Compare file size File is considered modified when its size is different.
Use file content to determine changes Both files are compared byte by byte to determine if they differ.


  • If the source folder contains a file while the destination has a folder with the same name, the folder is replaced with the file. The same mechanism is used when the source has a folder and the destination—file.
  • Some file systems (exFAT, FAT) have timestamp accuracy of 2 seconds. Use the time options to compare file timestamps with 2 seconds granularity range.
  • File timestamp is preserved when synchronization is performed, except file last accessed date/time.

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