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You do not need to ask permission to link to www.febooti.com website.

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We try to keep the links up to date, but we cannot guarantee that they will work all the time.

Useful resources…

  • Febooti blog · Read news and updates about Febooti, Ltd. products, announcements and information about upcoming and beta releases. Discuss and provide feedback on the official Febooti blog!
  • Automation Workshop Free Edition · A free Windows automation app. It allows tech enthusiasts to get acquainted with the product and learn its various applications.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework · The .NET Framework is Microsoft's programming model for building applications. It is an essential component of Automation Workshop.
  • 7-Zip archiver · An open source file archiver for zip and 7z archives. All downloads on febooti.com can be opened using this archiver.
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