Email app output as attachments

Report can be generated from any application and sent by email to the appropriate recipient. The reporting application in this context can be defined as application that accepts some input, processes them and generates some form of output. This can be anything from a simple batch file to a complex corporate application.


The primary focus of this example is to show a generic solution that can be used across a variety of applications in conjunction with Command line email tool.

@echo off

rem Launch report-application.exe with 2 parameters...
report-application.exe input.txt output.txt

rem Send email with reports...
febootimail -SERVER -FROM -TO -SUBJECT App report -ATTACH output.txt

Process of sending email report:

1: The first line executes the report application. It is assumed that the application takes an input file as the first parameter and produces the report output.txt.

2: The second line calls febootimail to send out email.

3: The SERVER parameter indicates SMTP server address.

4: The FROM, TO, SUBJECT and ATTACH parameters are self-explanatory.

5: More information on all email commands.

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