Downloading FAQ

Download FAQ covers most common issues that might arise during downloading files from Febooti website.

  • Q: I've downloaded file, but it seems that it is corrupted.
  • A: It is possible that sometimes files are not completely downloaded. Please check file size below.
    File nameProduct name and package typeBytes
    AutomationWorkshopSetup.exeAutomation Workshop executable.5,482,960
    AutomationWorkshopSetup.zipZIP package.5,432,587
    AutomationWorkshopSetup.msiWindows Installer.5,812,224
    AutomationWorkshopSetup-x64.msiWindows x64 Installer.5,877,760
    febootimail52.exeCommand line email executable.2,733,512
    febootimail52.zipZIP package.2,487,018
    febootimail52.msiWindows Installer.3,501,056
    febootimail52-x64.msiWindows x64 Installer.3,909,632
    ftweak30.exeFileTweak executable.1,077,560
    ftweak30.zipZIP package.1,038,644
    ftweak30.msiWindows Installer.1,053,184
    ftweak30-x64.msiWindows x64 Installer.1,068,544
    ftweak-hex.exeHex Editor executable.713,168
    ftweak-hex.zipZIP package.676,023
    ftweak-hex.msiWindows Installer.604,672
    ftweak-hex-x64.msiWindows x64 Installer.608,256
    ftweak-hash.exeHash & CRC executable.896,464
    ftweak-hash.zipZIP package.859,812
    ftweak-hash.msiWindows Installer.652,288
    ftweak-hash-x64.msiWindows x64 Installer.654,848
    ftweak-case.exeCase executable.692,536
    ftweak-case.zipZIP package.655,176
    ftweak-case.msiWindows Installer.596,480
    ftweak-case-x64.msiWindows x64 Installer.598,528

    If file size didn't much the size in those lists above, you can try download file again.

  • Q: I have other questions. What to do?
  • A: Please contact our support team.
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