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Febooti products are available for download. Most products are provided as try before you buy, which means that you can freely download and install these products on your computer for trial evaluation period. For a quick reference, see downloads for both 32 and 64-bit versions.

Payment is required if you have found the software to be useful or if you wish to continue using it after trial period expires. To purchase a product, visit the ordering page. After your order is placed, you will receive product key in next few minutes.

  • Automation Workshop · Free trial · Release notes
    Automate and schedule recurring tasks.
    EXE - Setup filev2.4.1May, 20175.4 MBDownload
    ZIP - Compressed Setupv2.4.1May, 20175.3 MBDownload
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  • Command line email · Free trial · Release notes
    Send email from Windows command prompt.
    EXE - Setup filev6.0May, 20172.5 MBDownload
    ZIP - Compressed Setupv6.0May, 20172.3 MBDownload
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