ieZoom toolbar

Febooti ieZoom toolbar was a powerful and highly customizable web master tool. With ieZoom it was possible to zoom in and out Internet Explorer contents, change IE window size to evaluate web page contents.

ieZoom virtual box


  • Zoom in and out web pages to extreme magnification rates up to 5000%.
  • Auto-fit print with print preview!
  • Color picker allows to pick color value from any pixel on screen.
  • History page provides advanced web page statistical information.
  • Highly customizable interface with changeable skin support.
  • Increase Internet Explorer concurrent download streams.
  • Works on all Microsoft Windows versions starting from Windows 98. Requires Internet Explorer 5.5 and up.

Support for this product has ended.

Febooti Software continuously evaluates its software to make sure that the latest technologies are compatible with our products. When we discontinue a product, we can focus on developing a new, better software. While further development and support is halted, licenses can still be obtained by contacting our sales.

Febooti ieZoom toolbar extended Internet Explorer 5.5 & 6.0 functionality by adding zooming capabilities and ability to auto-fit print web pages. These zooming and printing features are included in IE7 and IE8 by default. Without these core features, ieZoom toolbar does not fit in modern browser world anymore…

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

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