Color picker help

The online color picker is an easy to use tool that allows to choose colors and get their numerical values in hexadecimal format for later use when designing a web page or working with graphical applications. It uses only HTML and JavaScript, no Flash required.

Online color picker

The list of available commands and their respective buttons are provided below.

Color picker mode. Allows selecting colors individually from the color palette. You can pick the color either from color wheel or the color box. When a color is picked from color wheel, the color box automatically adjusts to show various similar colors with different values of brightness and saturation.

Color gradient mode. Produces a set of colors that mediates the transformation of previously selected color to the next one. Three precision levels are available and produce 8, 16 and 24 color gradients between selected colors.

Rotate color wheel counterclockwise. Slightly shifts the color variations displayed in color box towards the color located in counterclockwise direction from the current selection.

Rotate color wheel clockwise. Similarly to counterclockwise color rotation, this option allows shifting color in clockwise direction as displayed on the color wheel.

Show / hide favorite colors. The last twenty selected colors are placed into the favorite list, thus allowing easy access to recent colors. Also features common basic color selection. Click show / hide favorite colors to display or hide the toolbar.

Show / hide picked colors. All selected colors are automatically placed into the picked color list. Besides color itself, the color list displays the color name (when applicable) and color code in different formats (such as hexadecimal value, smart and safe).

New color chart. When previous color selections are not necessary any more, click the new color chart button. It will clear picked color list while preserving the list of favorite colors (the last twenty picked colors displayed in favorite colors toolbar).

Open color chart. Opens previously saved color charts with all color data, such as color names, numerical values and descriptions, thus allowing to continue working with the same data set later.
(Currently not available)

Save color chart. When finished working with color charts, this option allows saving all data, such as favorite colors and picked colors as well as their names, numerical values and descriptions.
(Currently not available)

Send color chart via email. Opens the default email client and preformats email for sending the color chart with selected colors, their names, numerical values and descriptions to specified email address. Due to some email client limitations (mailto / url limit ~2048 bytes), only first 30 colors are sent.

Color picker help. Opens this help page.

Copy to clipboard. Copies the hexadecimal value of color into Windows clipboard.

Remove color. When working with larger lists of colors, it might come at hand to delete unnecessary colors from the list. Click a button which is located on the same row with color, and the latter will be removed.

Color description. By default, the online color picker shows the order in which colors where picked in their descriptions. However, user may modify the color description of each color by clicking descriptions button on the same row with the color.

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