Online color chart

Online color chart displays HEX, Smart and Web Safe color codes. Click on color wheel to select a color and angle. Full color palette of selected color will be displayed on the right - and is structured in a way that color gains saturation from left to right and brightness from bottom to top. The most right color box displays the current color under the cursor and its HEX (also, Smart and Web Safe) color value. This tool uses HTML + CSS + JavaScript only, no plugins involved.

HEX ColorHEX Color
Smart ColorSmart Color
Web Safe ColorWeb Safe Color
#Color previewColor nameHEXSmartSafeDescriptionEdit
#Color previewColor nameHEXSmartSafeDescriptionEdit
001W: Red#FF1414#FF1111#FF0000Red   
002W: Green#14FF14#11FF11#00FF00Green   
003W: Blue#1414FF#1111FF#0000FFBlue   
Color picker Tips:
  • Point a cursor over the color wheel or palette to pick a color or select an appropriate color range.
  • In color picker gradient mode it is possible to choose gradient steps - 8, 16 or 24.
  • Smart and Web Safe color values are less precise since they are only approximations.
  • Favorite colors toolbar fixes the color values of 20 most recently picked colors. Also, allows to choose from predefined basic colors (Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow).
  • To sort picked colors, click color chart column header or footer. It is possible to sort colors by their Number, Lightness, Name, HEX value, Smart value, Web safe value or Description.
  • Use Edit column's buttons to copy color HEX code to clipboard, remove color, or edit color description.
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